Eyes Of The Raven singer Dave


asked if anyone had been to church today, he looked surprised as someone said yes. Not that he was deterred, though, and the band launched into “Lessons In Blasphemy” by way of a hello. Eyes Of The Raven are superb. And really that’s all you need to say. Not even a stand-in guitarist (regular Ross is missing – rumours of incidents involving Badgers abound, but it turns out he’s just on holiday) can alter that fact. Happy playing exactly the music they want with not a care in the world, EotR rather neatly walk the line between Orange Goblin, Down and lots of lager, like seasoned pro’s. There are many bands that would wish for tracks as good as “Sometimes Bruised, Never Broken” and “Redeemer” – the latter especially impressive here. “Five Year Winter” – their heaviest moment – drips with aggression and “What Binds Us” ends a set that, as other times MVM has seen them recently, reaffirms the thought that Eyes Of The Raven are getting better and better.

The full review from maximum volume can be found here

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